Open Process Automation

2024 marks the year where if your companies Process Automation/Operational Technology strategy does not include Open Process Automation you're leaving extremely high return on investment opportunities on the table and exposing your company to unnecessary disadvantage and risk.

ETP has partnered with global leaders CSI Automation (U.S.) CPlane (U.S.) and the Coalition of Open Process Automation (COPA - Global), to bring OPA solutions to Perth, Western Australia.

COPA is the team delivering the education and R&D COPA solutions and core training curriculum for the Curtin University Trailblazer initiative and boasts a team of globally recognised automation industry experts including ex ExxonMobil Chief Process Automation Engineer and Control Global Automation Hall of Fame inductee Professor Don Bartusiak.

Now is the time to start your OPA opportunity via training and COPA/ETP designed pilot plant implementations that become your ground zero implementation underpinning Process Automation and OT strategy and putting your company in control and ahead of the pack.

OPA solutions deliver

Technology and Vendor Flexibility enabling technology IT/OT convergence, operational performance improvements and lower total cost of ownership

  • OPA enabled hardware and software interoperability, results in a plug and play process control paradigm, where the user can optimally select each hardware and software components to support the desired benefit across the solution selecting between lowest cost for basic control needs and highest performance where high-performance advanced control solutions (rapid cycle Model Predictive Control (MPC) and Artificial Intelligence will yield significant financial benefits.
  • This also, enables end users to develop in house or with their preferred partner advanced process control technologies over time and insert these seamlessly into their control stack. Traditional process control architecture does not provide the freedoms OPA solutions provide in this space and as such end users forgo these opportunities or are constrained to work the primary process control vendor at high cost and with outcomes constrained by the capability of one vendor's solution and team.
  • OPA solutions are less prone to technology supply chain impacts, the solutions are not constrained to one vendor or regional supply chain disruptions.

Talent Attraction and Retention

Traditional process control technology has not taken advantage of the advancement in IT over the past 20 years and as such, the new generation of process control professionals, find using these technologies frustrating, limiting and uninteresting. As OPA is the technological breakthrough that enables technical convergence of IT and OT, it enables advanced IT innovations to be utilised in the process control stack providing an exciting platform for innovation for the next generation of OT professionals.

Cyber Secure

In Built Security - OPA solutions are intrinsically secure by design, enabling increased cyber security on day one and ease of updates as cyber threats evolve over time.

Our Partners

Find Out More

To find out more get in contact with us where we will work with you to identify suitable Brownfields or Greenfields pilot implementation opportunities to underpin your OPA strategy and put you in control and ahead of the pack.

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  • To find out more about COPA visit this site COPA Home - COPA Control System
  • To view a demonstration of the COPA solution, visit this video.